Monday, April 22, 2013


Star Dog was started as a way for us to collect clothing for Tashirat Orphanage in Moreles, Mexico.  Our dear friends run this orphanage, which provides abandoned neglected and abused children with a healthy home life and future. We really admire the one for one model of business as it creates a sustainable vehicle for our giving. This allows us to not have to rely on donations.  For every t-shirt a person buys Star Dog gives one to a child at the orphanage.

After such a positive response and seeing the outpouring of support for the kids at Tahisrat, we realize that we cannot just stop there.  There are so many kids we can help beyond Tashirat. Which is why I feel that a Product Marketing Breakthough membership for a lifetime would be beneficial to Star Dog.

For those who don’t know, PMB provides personal mentoring and coaching from t-shirt entrepreneur Andreea Ayers.   In PMB she teaches proven strategies to get products into the media, gain publicity and boost sales.  Andreea started a t-shirt company without a stitch of fashion experience and was able to take her company from 96 shirts to 20,000 within a few short years.  If Star Dog could follow Andreea’s business plan and sell 20, 000 shirts, that is 20,000 needy kids we help in return.

I have already learned so much from Andreea’s free coaching materials and I am excited to keep learning.  I realize the importance of learning from people who have been through the same business experience and prospered.  Andreea’s t-shirt background is a bonus for Star Dog.  I believe we can benefit greatly from a likewise business.

In three years with the help of PMB, I would hope to promote awareness, increase visibility and turn Star Dog into a household name.  I would love to be able to build relationships with graphic designers, magazine and newspaper editors, and my customers.   Ultimately, my dream is for Star Dog “Giving Trips,” trips where we visit children who need us most.  I would love to, on a frequent basis, to be able to see the looks on the faces of those we help, and experience the joy when they put on a brand new shirt.  With the PMB Opportunity this can all be possible.

IMPORTANT  to my STAR DOG FANS:  Please log onto find the “recent post from others” section and scroll thru to find the Star Dog entry and like it.  The more likes I receive increase our chances of winning this spectacular opportunity. MANY THANKS! 

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