Monday, July 29, 2013

The Newest Wrinkle: A Cloudy Day For A Concert

The Newest Wrinkle: A Cloudy Day For A Concert: This Thursday I joined my sisters and some friends at the Jonas Brothers concert at PNC to watch my brother in-law preform. They ...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Angelina's Army

Please click on the link and read sweet Angelina's story

I am inviting all my blog followers to join us tomorrow (7/21) for a shopping event to benefit Sweet Angelina and her family.  Join us from 12-4pm at the American Legion in Leonia, NJ  Hope to see some familiar faces Xxoo

** If you like face painting, bounce houses, balloons and any of these vendors below you will have a great time at The Angelina's Army Shopping Event Sunday from 12-4 399 Broad Street Leonia, NJ - This event will help sweet Angelina and her family - Read their story above. Please join us**

DCS Chocolates
Stella Dot
Blinged Out by India
Initials Inc
The Traveling Vineyard
Jazzy's Traveling Boutique
MASSAGE Station by Beauty from Inside and Out
Brushes with a View
Jersey Baby Couture
Star Dog

If you cannot make it to this event Click  DONATE  to see how else you can help.  Thank you

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Battling Bullying by Building Confidence

A day of fun, sunshine, new friends and promise was had by all at the Angels without Wings "Anti-bullying Event"  held at the Title boxing club in Wayne NJ.  

Kids of all ages participated in kick boxing classes, learned the basics of boxing and joined in other activiities to help build their self-esteem. 

“It’s the whole idea of being fit. Boxing helps keep you in shape and that can help kids feel better about themselves,” said Valerie Kruslic, founder of Angels Without Wings, LLC. “When you feel good on the inside about yourself you emanate that outwardly. Boxing and kickboxing can help you do that.”

Kruslic ran than this successful event with heart and passion. Her message to treat everyone with kindness, compassion, encouragement, and respect was prominent throughout the day. Her goal to get kids to believe in themselves proved true by the smiles on everyones faces. Kruslic's overwhelming emotions showed as she teared up while giving out trophies and expressing appreciation.

Stephanie Ferrante Photography was there to capture the special moments at this event.  New Jersey DJ Services provided the music.  The Cupcake Cutie, Star DogAllinia DZine Boutique, Arbonne, Brows That Wow and Tastefully Simple were some of the vendors who participated. 
Star Dog w/ Valerie Kruslic

Special guest, Boxing Champion, Kendall Holt celebrated his birthday at the event,  graciously taking pictures and signing autographs along with Batman and his Bat mobile. 


I was honored to share this special day with people who have same vision to make an impact on the children of this worldYou can find out more about Angel's without wings, their fundraising efforts and future events by visiting

Check out more photo's from this event at

Monday, July 15, 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Would you want to sit in a hot car even for a minute??

It's hot in Jersey! This week in Wayne we experienced five 90-degree days in a row.  I nearly sweat an entire river just waiting for the air conditioner in my car to kick in.

A commotion in a parking lot during my quick errand to the pharmacy has led me to write this post.  A woman had run into the adjoining liquor store and left her dog in the car. Another woman (a passerby) was screaming at her for doing so.

My 12 year old daughter asked me, as we walked into the store, if I would have said somethng to her if we would have noticed the dog in the hot car.  I was curious to what going on in that tween head of hers, so I asked, "What would you have done?"

Hot cars are deathtraps for dogs.  In an article* I read from PETA, I learned that  On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to between 100 and 120 degrees in just minutes, and on a 90-degree day, the interior temperature can reach as high as 160 degrees in less than 10 minutes.

Dogs over heat more quickly than humans and can die from heat stroke in as little as 20 minutes in a hot car. Sadly, this isn't a rare occurance.  Hundreds of dogs die in hot cars each year. 

My daughters response to my question... "I would call the police." and then added, "If I was hot I would tell you, mom.  A dog can't tell you."

If you ever wondered whether you should do something when you see a pet in a car, you should.  Follow the lead of a 12 year old - Be the voice of animals.

Please leave your pets home in HOT weather!

Peta Article
Star Dog:  Caring about dogs everywhere.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"All that JAZ" Fashion show

Star Dog recently had the opportunity to participate in the All That Jaz fashion show featuring 15 year  old Jazmin Brown's Deztani Collection.  The beautiful red carpet extravaganza run by Bridget O'Brien Events was held at the Venetian in Garfield, NJ.  
Denise Ricciotti, Star Dog w/
  Fashion Designer Jazmin Brown    
Denise and Nikki Ricciotti
All That Jaz Fashion Show

Celebrities such as  Jackie Bianchi, Tracy DiMarco, Brittany Grace, Rachael Grlica, Brit Fogarty and Gia Guidice were all in attendance to show their support for such young, spectacular talent.
Jackie Bianchi

Denise Ricciotti w/ Tracy Dimarco
Nikki and Nina of Star Dog w/ Brittany Grace


Denise Ricciotti, Star Dog w/ Gia Guidice

The Deztani collection consists of creative designs from ball gowns, casual wear, to baby fashion. Models and celebrities Styled by Dawn Notaro of Dawn of New York graced the runway to music by Teen Sensation, Nick Tangorra.  Lea Rannells Comie from Model Behavior Magazine and Mommy Blogger, Yessenia Ramos covered the buzz of the evening. Tv Personality Chance Spiessbach  of ChanceTv interviewed the guests.  Celebrity photographer Lora Warnick and Stephanie Ferrante were also there capturing glorious moments of this event.

Nikki of Star Dog w/
Nick Tangorra Band
Chance Television

The night showcased Jazmin's beautiful designs.  Capturing the essence of youth, my farvorite was a vibrant zebra striped floral dress worn by RHONJ Theresa Guidice's daughter Gia.  Precious Adrianna, daughter of Jerseylicious, Jackie Bianchi wore a bright yellow one piece romper with colorful flowers and dancing jitterbugs. A Show stopping, Pink, black and white swirled spaghetti strap jumper worn by Alessia Cantenia was also among my favorites.  To show her versatility into adult fashion Tracy Dimarco and her adorable neice, Jordyn  wore matching  hot pink ruffled outfits, while jeweled covered Britt Fogarty wore an ankle-length laced black halter dress.


Being the granddaughter of cocktail dress designer, Dorothy Giandolfi Litzan, I know first hand how much work and dedication goes into a collection such as this.  I am in awe of Jazmin's spectacular talent, at such a tender young age. It was a fun and fabulous night and an experience I will never forget.  

Jazmin's Deztani designs are sold in boutiques in NJ, NY and Pa

Fashion Show Runway photo's by: Eugene Parciasepe, Jr. 

To see more photo's Visit and Star Dog

Monday, July 1, 2013

Can't Stop Smiling

This photo of the kids at TASHIRAT ORPHANAGE makes me smile from ear to ear.  It warms my heart to see these faces so happy!!
Hi Denise, Here's a pic of our Tashirat Kids so happy with their Star Dog t-shirts. Thank you so much, they LOVE them and this is one of the few times they have received new clothes. They are thrilled! xo   -KM