Saturday, March 21, 2015

Make A Difference Concert

Why the Make A Difference Concert??
The truth simply is raising awareness to the millions of homeless kids in America is an important issue to us.
Youth homelessness has increased 72% over the past seven years, according to reports from the National Center for Homeless Education.
For the younger kids, it is not their fault they are homeless and it's certainly not their fault they are in shelters.

We are making it easy for us all to help homeless youth on March 22nd with a Meet and Greet Concert Event!
We have brought together some of today's hottest local up and coming artist in order to spread the word.

Veronica Kole · Carrie Lane · Artie Babz · Jenna Rose
The Brady Brothers · Carly Underwood · Katie G · TyAlaxandar
Larger Than Life · Hayley Dee · B-Capp · Riley Lynch
Mikey & Jay · Shawn Megira · George Padilla
Dante Colon · Cameron Cisek · Alessia Catania · Lenore Luca

This event is geared at teaching young people the power and importance of giving back.
Tickets to this event are only $20 for General Admission and
$45 for VIP which includes an up close and personal concert as well as a meet and greet with all our performers after the show.

The event will take place at Just Jake's in Montclair, NJ
on Sunday March 22, 2014 at 12pm

*~~~Money raised from the Make A Difference Concert will go to
the Family Promise Homeless Shelter~~~*

You are not just buying a ticket to a concert,
you are making a difference.


“Our goal is to let young people know they can do something to make a difference.  We are offering them a fun experience while giving back
to their community.”