Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tashirat Kids

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The Mission of the Tashirat Orphanage is to take in disabled children, children who are too old to be adopted, or siblings who normally are separated from each other or left in overcrowded government orphanages for the rest of their childhood. Upon turning 18, these children would have been sent into the world alone with no one to count on, no social preparation, adequate education or security. Our disabled kids would have been institutionalized for life since they had no family to care for them. Our orphanage is a loving home that gives the most marginalized children what they always dreamed of, but never thought possible.

Tashirat is comprised of small families. Most staff members are foster parents to 3 – 8 children and each family has their living quarters. The children are cared for and loved as our own. Although they will eventually attend universities and go out into the world to start their adult lives, they will always have a home and family to fall back on.

All of the children arrived in an extremely poor state of health. Many were on heavy medications for chronic illnesses; all were malnourished and weak physically as well as emotionally. Ten of our children are special needs children with various disabilities, psychological and mental disorders. All of the others have overcome deep emotional traumas. We have watched all the children flourish since their arrival and with every passing year they realize more of their potential, becoming less “special needs” and more confident and secure. Living in a positive environment where they are cherished and their loves and talents are cultivated has given all of our Tashirat children the force to transform into the most open, communicative, harmonious, fun and beautiful individuals.
The Tashirat children are given the highest quality vegetarian diet. We use homeopathy when necessary and avoid using allopathic medications.  In Tashirat we live ecologically. 

The children are raised to become independently thinking, globally and spiritually conscious individuals who care about themselves, others and the world as a whole. All children understand English and most are fully bilingual now. 

Our permanent staff team is entirely dedicated to the children as well as their own spiritual paths. The Tashirat staff members are from all over the world and speak both English and Spanish. A majority of the staff members have lived and worked in Tashirat for over decade.

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