Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jenna Rose: Shining through

It doesn't take much convincing that Jenna Rose has the potential to be a great pop star.

Not only does she have an incredible voice and star quality but she is amazing to watch live.

Jenna Rose w/ Sammy Wilkinson performing Life of the party by Shawn Mendes

Jenna has been performing and has been making videos since she was 10. From My Jeans & Omg to Walk On By & Forget You  
15 year old, Jenna has changed a lot as she’s made her way to teen superstardom.  

Her sound has changed throughout the last five years, and she is working hard to make sure everyone knows it.

 With her more grown up sound, the songs she sings are really diverse, many of them catchy. Her voice has gotten stronger and her lyrics more mature.

Her current songs reveal what it’s like to be a teenager in 2014.

Check out Jenna's debut LP here

What I like best about Jenna is her ability to sing. As she’s matured, her voice has become really powerful with intense focus and range.

Jenna has done a tremendous job of choosing songs that suit her voice and style as it has evolved. Her most recent song “Forget you” is a perfect example.

Using her wholesome good looks and quirky charm, she built up a massive following.  Her growth has earned her thousands of you tube fans and a spot in this summer’s

Star Dog is honored that she will be performing at our Social Media Stars on Stage event to benefit the homeless on Oct 19
For tickets and more info on this event Click here

Star Dog Founder, Denise Ricciotti w/ the talented Jenna Rose

Jenna Rose's talent is shining through brightly and she is working hard to avoid becoming a passing fad.
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Nikki Ricciotti
and the Jenna Rose Official website

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This blog post is in memory of Jenna's Grandma Esther <3

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