Tuesday, November 12, 2013

South Hill Necklace perfect compliment for your Star Dog Tee

Be Sparkly

How do you make a Star Dog Tee look better?? Add a piece of jewelry from the South Hill Design Collection!!

I received mine as a gift from my sister for my birthday last month.  It is truly the most personal gift i ever received and I was overwhelmed with emotion when I opened it.

I was being stopped in stores the very first time I wore it, being asked where I got it.

If I ever want a different necklace, I don’t  have to order a new locket!  I can simply order new charms and replace them whenever I feel.   There's a super secure magnetic clasp on the right and to change the charms you simply open the locket … in seconds you can change your necklace completely!
I have chosen my children's initials and birthstones  
No wonder that your creation will truly feel like one of a kind! 
There are so many possiblilties.  Get some inspirational ideas here.

Create your own beautiful design.  Here are some of my favorites:
For the sports fan

For the realtor

Great teacher gift

For the nurse

For the Twilight fans

For the Candy Crush addict

For Mom

Near and Dear to my heart I love how you can personalize these necklaces to fit any person or situation. A necklace that tells a story can be extremely powerful to someone.  
Breast Cancer awareness

Autism Awareness
November is Lung Cancer Awareness month

Check out the wide variety of Awareness charms South Hill Designs offer.

Seriously, I love this necklace, not only because my sister gave it to me, but. It suits my style, goes with pretty much everything I own and I get a ton of compliments on it

Christmas Necklace

Look What's new from South Hill

Diamond Lockets

Locket Bracelettes

I am sure you know someone who would  love a locket necklace or bracelet, this holiday season.  To get yours for the special someone in your life visit the Lauries Charm School website

The possibilities are endless...and tell them Star Dog sent you!

To buy or sell South Hill Design Jewelry click here

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