Monday, October 21, 2013

Ghosting: An American Tradition

Star Dog gives a little Halloween fun


We didn't have ghosting in my town when we were kids, but it is a Halloween tradition that my kids have grown to love over the past several years.

 I love how it gets the children in the mood for Halloween and how it is an other outlet for giving versus receiving. 


The Rules:
  • It starts early in October so the whole neighborhood has a chance to get ghosted.
  • To ghost someone you must put together 3 scare bags filled Halloween candy or trinkets,  a picture of a ghost and a letter stating that you’ve been ghosted with instructions on how to carry on the tradition.
  • You wait till after dark and go up to your targeted houses, drop off your scare bags, ring the doorbells and RUN!
  • The goal is to not get caught.
  • Once you get ghosted you tape the picture of the ghost in your door or window, so people know that you have been ghosted.


As soon as October hits, my kids are eager to get started.

We fill paper bags with candy and treats, sometimes plastic spiders, balls, anything fun. We include a copy of the letter ( which I printed below - or you can make up your own) and picture of the the ghost.

Even though the tradition says for each neighborhood family to pick three houses, we love it so much, that I let our kids pick three friends each. 

My kids go as far as dressing head to toe in black. The goal is to not get caught, but my kids have found it extremely fun on the rare occasion that they do. As ghosting becomes more popular, not getting caught is becoming somewhat of a challenge.

We have serious ghosters in my house. They make list, and have escape routes in place before dropping off the bag of treats.  I can almost hear their little hearts beating out of their chest as they sneak up to the front doors,  crouch down to not be seen under the light of the window.  They ring the bell and shriek and giggle as they high tail it out of there.

Ghosting provides a family fun night out.  I think I have just as much fun as them as I drive the get away car. 

 The ghosting in our town how just begun for the year.   I think I just heard my doorbell ring, again.

Happy Ghosting Everyone!


Ghosting letter:

You’ve been ghosted!
The phantom ghost has come to town
To leave some goodies... I see you've found.
The phantom ghost has left you a treat
It is a tradition we hope you will repeat.

First, post this ghost in your window so it can be seen
And leave it there until Halloween
Second, make copies of this poem and ghost x3
Now it’s your turn to pass along the treats

Secretly make the delivery under the moon light
Be safe, be quick, and stay out of sight.
Ghosting is a tradition that is sure to delight
Let’s see if we can hit every house before Halloween night.

Happy Halloween!

Now I am Curious, Have you ever been ghosted? 

No Ghosting in your town....time to start up the tradition!


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