Monday, August 26, 2013

Donating to Father English Community Center

The new school year is right around the corner.  Star Dog's mission has always been for all kids to go to school feeling good about themselves, so they can focus on learning. 

That is why donating new Star Dog t-shirts to Father English last week was so special to us.  Carlos Roldan, the director of The Father English Community Center gave us a tour of his impressive food and clothing bank.  In the upcoming weeks parents will come in with their children to shop through the overabundance of donated items.

The new and gently used clothing these kids receive from the center will help them feel confident for the first day of school.  Ensuring that every child is ready to start learning the day school begins is the first step in a successful, productive school year, and Father English is essential in helping achieve that goal.  Studies show when kids feel confident in their clothes, they perform better in school. 

Father English is a all access Community Center located in the heart of Paterson, NJ.  In addition its food and clothing bank, the center provides the area's youth with counseling services, after school activities, homework assistance, life skill training and free workshops. For more information on the center and to donate or volunteer visit their website

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