Tuesday, May 21, 2013

STAR DOG helping the littlest victims of the OKLAHOMA Tornados

We here at Star Dog Enterprises are completely heartbroken over the devastation that rocked Oklahoma!  Sometimes there are no words to express something so unbearably tragic.  Our hearts break for the countless number of people affected by this vicious force of nature,  in particular the children that took shelter while at school.

While we will continue to include the people whose lives have been devastated  in our prayers, unfortunately, that's not enough.   Many people were left with absolutely nothing - just the clothing on their backs.

We want to help and we are sure you do too.
For every t-shirt we sell from now til Sunday we will donate one to the kids of Oklahoma.
Please share this with your friends and family - the more shirts we sell the more we can send to the OK state!

Tweet it - Facebook share  - Shout it from the roof tops - Let's help!!

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