Friday, March 29, 2013

Let me introduce you to STAR DOG

     The effects of economic hardship can be felt all over the world. Chances are you have heard of someone that has been touched by the growing economic downturn of recent years, and the predictions are showing no end in sight. With the growing numbers of unemployed, the rising price of fuel and living, and increasing natural disasters many families are doing without basic necessities.

     Many low income and homeless families are challenged with providing clothes that are the right size, comfortable and free of holes.  While families struggle to provide basic needs for their children, new clothes are usually last on that list.  Star Dog wants to build confidence in young people by providing children in need with new t-shirts that make them feel good about themselves.

     Why Star Dog? There are many companies and organizations that provide food, housing assistance, and used clothing to families in need…but how many actually provide brand new clothing? Star Dog wants to do just that. As adults we know how it feels when we look our best, and sometimes wearing our favorite shirt, or shoes, or our most comfortable jeans reflects positively on our outlook of the day. Kids have so much to deal with these days and the constant need to fit in or even stand out positively in a crowd is EVERYTHING to them! While we realize that NEW clothing is not one of the five basic needs, we recognize its importance to kids!  So for every T-shirt you buy, Star Dog Gives one new one to a child in need. 

      Thank everyone in advance for coming along on this journey with us.  This is a new business venture with heart and meaning for us.  With your support  we are sure to be successful in making a diffence in the lives of children.

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